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Interior Art


At the young age of twelve Andreas Sundgren knew he wanted to be a photographer, and was often busy exploring and observing angles, light and composition. He dreamt of using the camera to tell stories, convey emotions and capture precious moments. 

After studying photography, and working as a assistant to photographer Håkan Ludwigson, he took a small detour, diving head first into the world graphic design, brand development and fashion, all of which put their own unique mark on his style when he finally returned to photography in 2010. 

Inspired by the human interaction and our dreams and ambitions, Andreas manages to capture the unique personality, charisma and individuality of his subjects. It is an homage to the complex and multifaceted beauty of the natural human form - a form that goes beyond the physical realm and could just as easily be captured in a good deed, a friendly word or a gentle thought. This makes the interplay between the model and the photographer crucial, requiring trust, courage and honesty to eternalize a just moment and expression.

Andreas creates his visual world with a playful, yet controlled approach to natural light, filling his stories with powerful characters portrayed in strength and in fragility. 

Through his lens we see the moments where we are as truthfully alive as we can be.

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