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“Every painting is a part of my life and when I look at it in retrospect I see clearly what I am painting and have gone through in that image” Emma Stüffe.

Swedish artist Emma Stüffe grew up surrounded by art, artists, and a deep-seeded desire to share her feelings and expressions through painting. Her beautiful and intriguing works are the result of her ability to analyse and express thoughts onto canvas, absorbed in colour of the most intense hues. Stüffe paints from emotion, and the reflection of her personal life events and experiences. It is through this combination of soul searching, and the process of change and understanding, that she creates the most extraordinary pictures. Her paintings are more than the emotional journey that helps develop Stüffe’s unique style, but also her obsession for beauty in the world in all its forms. Her passion for art, décor, sculpture, and shapes have all influenced her work. She is inspired by emotions, seasons, experiences, and all the various stages of past and present life. Her impressions of aspects of everyday life such as city noise, the serenity of the sea, and forest walks, all play a part in her artistic evolution. She derives energy and the desire to paint from people she views in everyday life and especially those closest to her. Stüffe declared, she must have deep feelings in order to produce a painting. When the intensity of her internal darkness is at its depths, she produces her best work. Her process of reflection and acceptance of life experiences, is essential before, during, and after a work has been created. She finds beauty in the result both internally and on her painted canvases.


Interior Art