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Transforming spaces into works of art
From vision to completion, we will manage your entire interior project to create truly unique and memorable spaces. Redefining the luxury property market, our comprehensive suite of services is revered throughout the industry and has become synonymous with quality and elegance. Our accessories, furnishings, lighting, and art installations are perfect for premium residential interiors, opulent hotel rooms, and high-end office interiors, with every project carefully executed to ensure absolute perfection. Art Concepts London’s dedicated team of interior designers and art curators not only possess a level of creativity that’s highly coveted in the industry but are also highly skilled in business and project management. This means you’ll have the peace of mind that your interior project will be delivered in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner, with clear communication throughout. We have an innate understanding of how to effectively use color, lighting, and texture, creating interiors that are both inviting and spacious.

From Design to 3D Reality

We specialize in bringing design concepts to life, which means that complete accuracy is key. We begin all new projects with realistic 3D images of your interior, using this foundation to convert your vision into a show-stopping living space.

The Process


Aesthetic inspiration, planning, scope refinement, timeline development, floor plans.


Furnishings, fabrics, floor coverings, accessories, lighting, art.


Client proposals, vendor purchase orders, expediting, tracking, receiving, inspection. 



Aesthetic inspiration, scope refinement, timeline development, furnishings floor plans.


Selection of furnishings, fabrics, rug and floor coverings, decorative lighting, art, and accessories.


Client proposals, vendor purchase orders, expediting, tracking, receiving, and inspection.


Management of furniture & art delivery, interior installations, oversight of placement, accessorizing, styling, and art placement.


Resolution management for any damaged items, making additional placement suggestions, on-going design assistance as needed.


Art Concepts London (AC/LDN) specialises in using art to develop and elevate any given space whilst creating unique and extraordinary collections of artwork for public or private view.

Our experience in concept design and branding enables us to utilise the transformative effects of art placement curation to both convey intended message and attract an audience for any art display.

We curate art for public designed spaces, gallery exhibitions, corporate environments, private offices and residences.

Working with a unique portfolio of artwork, artists and a network of highly sought-after talent including art historians, gallerists and genre specific curators, gives us access to the best artwork available on and off the market.

We conceptualise, create and curate art collections specific to your taste and requirements.

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