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Top 4 Dining Room Ideas to Make Every Meal an Occasion

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

If you are in the middle of a dining room makeover, consider using large open window treatments and doorways. They work for both large and small dining rooms alike. Introducing some natural light through the windows in the morning helps start your day on a positive note. Not only that but the large door and window treatments make the room feel airier and refreshed, thus leaving a lasting impression on your loved ones and your guests.

The formal setting is one you'd likely see at a fine dining restaurant or holiday meal consisting of four courses or more. It involves a lot of china and a lot of rules, but just like the others, this setting can be modified for your specific dinner.

The dining room lighting should always be sufficiently bright so you can see everything, yet not so brightly lit that it causes a strain. You see, dining areas are usually utilized right before bedtime. Therefore, it is necessary to let the eyes relax and prepare the brain to sleep soon.

It is best to design a dining room with versatility. The utility of this space extends beyond the conventional therefore some décor ideas using home screens and wall art could really provide character. Not to mention, if you have an open floor plan, then this area already is being used to its maximum capacity. Thus, as a decorator, you must do your due diligence and optimize this space as per its usefulness and efficiency.

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