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​About Us
/ Behind the Business

​From a one-off interior design project to a wider-ranging conceptual piece, we work tirelessly to find suitable solutions for each client’s unique needs.
We know it can be difficult to define and hunt down that special something for your home or business interior. That’s where we come in.

Working holistically, we take time to understand and connect each element and characteristic of your existing space, and the story you want it to tell. We then source art that complements and enriches the overall décor, creating an inspiring space.

Ann-Charlotte | Art Concept London

​/ Ann-Charlotte 

​Ann-Charlotte Gerdne is the Founder of Art Concepts London, and an international Creative Business Advisor. She undertakes projects with a focus on art in the hospitality sector, utilising her three decades of experience and worldwide network of influential contacts to deliver dynamic results.

Ann-Charlotte combines her formidable global network with a highly personalised approach, working one-on-one with clients to create something that responds to their unique needs and circumstan

Paulina | Art Concept London

​/ Paulina

Co-founder Paulina Gerdne brings a wealth of branding and marketing experience. She understands the complexities of using art and interior as a way to develop a home, brand or atmosphere.

Together with Ann-charlotte, they combine over 25 years of experience within concept design.

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