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Interior Art



" Why I create art for charity

I am a modern minimalist artist who lives in Los Angeles, CA. My marbled art pieces have been sold and collected around the world. My heart and soul is not only in art but also in finding the deeper meaning of how art can contribute to the greater good. I believe every person can be an artist, and that every artist must find the "why" behind their actions. This is what gives life its purpose and vibrance.

It is my great pleasure to have joined artists from around the world to help make a difference in the lives of kids in Tijuana, Mexico. My personal mission is to use fine art as a way to bring funds and awareness to the beautiful kids in Tijuana, Mexico. Because of this, I founded Mission Marisol, a non-profit dedicated to uniting artists for a good cause. You can learn more about why I founded it at The mission is in memory of my mother, Marisol, who inspired me to follow my creativity and to help give back.

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