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​Art Concepts London expands into the UAE with Jeem Interiors  Partnership

London, UK – July 1, 2021 – Art Concepts London (AC/LDN) today announces a new joint working partnership with UAE-based Jeem Interiors. AC/LDN will collaborate with Jeem interiors on concept design and sourcing art for their projects.

As AC/LDN begins expansion into new markets, they are developing strategic alliances with complementary brands and businesses focusing on the increased market presence in these new territories.

Jeem Interiors' comprehensive expertise in exhibitions, luxury interior design, and concept development in the UAE will utilize AC/LDN art portfolio and extensive network, creating a powerful combination in developing interior spaces together.

We believe working in partnership with interior designers like Jeem Interiors is fundamental to our business. We are thrilled to have a new partner in the UAE to share and showcase our artwork” Ann-Charlotte Gerdne, Founder of AC/LDN.

"We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with AC/LONDON, on an art project combining multiple artistic backgrounds. We always aim to give our clients the best services, and we believe that with AC/LONDON our artistic decisions would be in safe hands"​

Quoted by Humam

About AC/LDN:

Art Concepts London is an art and art Concepts London is an art and concept design firm incorporating an exclusive global platform of artists with over 25 years of experience in the design and concept development of interior spaces.

We specialize in Contemporary and Fine Art, Photo Art, murals, and art wallpaper. Offering bespoke services to meet specific requirements for the hospitality sector, property developers, architects, interior designers, and private collectors.

​About Jeem Interiors

Jeem Interiors is a Dubai-based design,

concepts, and exhibition development specialist firm. Jeem designs are created as a work of art, in which each object and decorative item has a place and contributes to the overall aesthetic appearance. Their interiors combine traditional and modern influences, ancestral craftsmanship which is revisited with resolutely contemporary compositions. Offering unique, perfectly harmonious, and finely balanced results

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