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Best Luxury Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

What do you get the person in your life who has a taste for the finer things? Don’t let their love of fancy brand names intimidate you — we've rounded up plenty of luxurious present ideas that you can buy for the special person in your life.

Whether it's the gal pal who always has your back, your wonderful wife, a doting daughter, or your mom, these decadent gifts will be sure to have her oohing and ahhing until the New Year's ball drops.

1. Bacio candle

Adorned with an intriguing artwork of luscious red lips, the candle has a pop-art-Esque personality with a luxuriously woody scent

Beautifully burning for up to 60 hours, the candle exudes a statement scent carefully crafted by master perfumer Olivier Polge.

2. The Impossible Collection of Cigars

Cementing itself over generations as a genteel hobby and a luxurious pause from the world around us, cigar smoking has become synonymous with the pop of a Champagne cork, an exciting evening, and ultimate comradery. This eagerly anticipated volume is brimming with the most memorable cigars of our time from the most prestigious of makers.

His sense of the image goes back far into the past, as does his pedigree. He is as fascinated by the golden Byzantine icons as by the poster-like icons of our time, but seeks a deeper reality by breaking them into pieces and putting them together again.

4. Small Antique Brass Globe

This exquisite home accessory is thoughtfully crafted by artisans, starting with a timber base and quality brass body.

Its historic feel will bring sophistication to any space while the etched zodiacal band adds detailed interest to the piece.

Inspired by human interaction and our dreams and ambitions, Andreas manages to capture the unique personality, charisma, and individuality of his subjects

It is an homage to the complex and multifaceted beauty of the natural human form - a form that goes beyond the physical realm and could just as easily be captured in a good deed, a friendly word, or a gentle thought.

6. Ryan Vase

Finished in a shimmering hue of antique brass, the vase catches and reflects any light source in a fashionably fetching manner

A shapely, metallic member, the Ryan works wonderfully alongside the complementing silhouettes of the Reid and Regan vases.

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