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Luxury Art Installation: Meet Our Fine Artists

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

​"At ACLDN we are motivated to think outside the norm. Our selected artists from all around the world represent this. On our website, you will see a small piece of our portfolio and the art that we source. We specialize in contemporary art, fine art, photo art, murals, and much more." - Paulina Gerdne, Co-Founder and Gen. Manager of Art Concepts London

What happens when artwork takes center stage in a home? Rather than adding art as an afterthought, even a single favored piece can easily serve as a perfect anchor for the rest of the room. The techniques employed here are clever and diverse: some of these interior artwork ideas perfectly complement the color palette, others unify the design theme, and some enhance the character of the structure itself.

Inspired by human interaction and our dreams and ambitions, Andreas manages to capture the unique personality, charisma, and individuality of his subjects. It is an homage to the complex and multifaceted beauty of the natural human form - a form that goes beyond the physical realm and could just as easily be captured in a good deed, a friendly word, or a gentle thought. This makes the interplay between the model and the photographer crucial, requiring trust, courage, and honesty to eternalize a just moment and expression. Artworks: Ballerina #1 and Paulina #1

"A deeply intimate and sensitive work, based on the perpetual exploration between the self and the environment. Antonio Mora explores his mind and recognizes it through the set of images put on stage by himself within the framework of composition, qualifying himself as a builder and assembler.

It is the space of the superposition that incorporates the abstract mental activity of the subject portrayed, or the simple projection of the artist. A work that investigates the limits and relations of representation with reality. The mental scenarios exhibited allow the fragility of the memory of dreams to emerge. The artist refers to each image, though, and emotion that the individual attributes to the condition of the dream, recovering the unconscious dimension. Halfway between imagination and reality, his work highlights the complexity and quantity of the contents of autobiographical and collective memory ".

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