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​Why Art Concepts London is Different

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A business that combines an art gallery and interior design services is something different. Through their creative brilliance and sophistication, Ann-Charlotte Gerdne, who is the Founder of Art Concepts London, and an international Creative Business Advisor, together with Co-founder Paulina Gerdne, who brings a wealth of branding and marketing experience, come up with an idea to combine over 25 years of experience within concept design.

What makes them separate from their other competitors?

1. Original Artwork Pieces

When it comes to artworks, they only represent artists who have truly mastered their unique mediums and styles. Art Concepts London actively participates in various local/international fairs and exhibitions, collaborating with private entities. They believe in the bigger picture that artworks that are unique, original, innovative, well-executed, and uplifting will be vital to the client's well-being because art adds a personal character to every home or office.

2. Innovation

Combining over 25 years of experience within concept design, they have been compelled by a vision to redefine lifestyle, and are consumed by a passion to create concepts that are a class apart. From their standpoint, when you are aware of the problems of the client you wish to engage with in terms of design, only then you can think about solving them.

Even in the world of luxury furniture, art, or accessories, singularity is the essence of success. Each passing day, the constant ideation and innovation that these concept designers are putting in the industry, has led them to innovate designs that completely refresh the clients.

3. We Never Stop Learning

Art on its own has a huge variety and range that’s why there is much to learn when it comes to the art of interior design. Despite having expertise in their fields, their learning and the potential for discovery never really stops.

They believe that by continually developing their knowledge of how different colors, material, furniture, and accessories work together, it builds a reputation founded on their ability to form a masterpiece. It’s a win-win situation.

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